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Fitness Calvinists, Total Depravity, and You.

Recently, (October, 2013) a mother of 3 posted a fitness ‘progress picture’ of herself and her 3 children. She’s quite fit, puts in a lot of effort, and is justifiably proud of the results. However, many people were critical of

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Body Recomposition Calculator

During a recent discussion about exercise and weight loss, I was asked whether cardio or weight training was “better” for losing weight. Once we got past “Pay attention to what you eat”, we discussed that most studies show basal metabolic

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An alternative formula for picking your target zone for cardio training

UPDATE Nov. 29, 2014: I’ve added a calculator to do the math! Now, people who have been following along with me for a while know that I don’t think that you should build a caloric-deficit around going to the gym. 

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