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Simplifying our software development roadmap.

After reviewing the relevant Android API changes, and spending this morning digging into the details of updating the Android application, we’ve decided to put our resources into the existing online app, and depreciate the native Android/iOS applications. Most people won’t

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Fitness Calvinists, Total Depravity, and You.

Recently, (October, 2013) a mother of 3 posted a fitness ‘progress picture’ of herself and her 3 children. She’s quite fit, puts in a lot of effort, and is justifiably proud of the results. However, many people were critical of

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Body Recomposition Calculator

During a recent discussion about exercise and weight loss, I was asked whether cardio or weight training was “better” for losing weight. Once we got past “Pay attention to what you eat”, we discussed that most studies show basal metabolic

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What is DietGauge-TLC?

DietGauge-TLC is the name for our proprietary set of scientifically based assessment and feedback tools used with approved one-on-one counseling programs to help resolve long term dietary issues and support sustainable weight management. How does it work? Five Second Overview

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Instructions for Taylor 7405 Scale

1. PRECAUTIONS: Floor must be level. 2. CALIBRATE: Step on scale until displayed weight flashes twice. DISREGARD THIS VALUE. Step off scale. 3. COLLECT DATA: Step onto scale again until raw weight flashes twice.

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Instructions for Conair/Weight-Watchers WW11D Scale

PRECAUTIONS: Floor must be level. DO NOT STEP ONTO SCALE UNTIL ZERO APPEARS IN THE DISPLAY. CALIBRATE: Tap center of scale to turn it on. Wait for “00.0” or “0.0” to display. COLLECT DATA: Step onto scale. Stand on platform

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Buffalo Chicken Wings

Prep Time: 15 min Inactive Prep Time: 1 hr 0 min Cook Time: 40 min Serves: 5 – 6 Ingredients * One 4 pound bag raw individually quick frozen chicken wings first and second joint portions ( about 30 count

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The Science of Effective Weight Management – Part 2 – Mathematics

In earlier posts, we examined the biology behind weight management and learned a few important facts I think we should restate at this point before moving forward. Weight Loss: The result of a non-trivial negative Net Caloric Balance over a

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The Science of Effective Weight Management – Part 1 – Biology (concluded)

As we were discussing earlier, our target for weight loss is a negative net-caloric-balance. Although exercise surely can contribute, it only factors in for about 10% of weight management, so we focus our attention on dietary changes first. Which brings

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The Science of Effective Weight Management – Part 1 – Biology

In this ongoing series, we are going to examine the science behind effective weight management, and in doing so, gain a better understanding of how our unique tools support you in meeting your goals. There are three branches of science

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